Saturday, July 23, 2011

Retold Fairy Tales

I like retold fairy tales, Gregory Maguire has done a brilliant job of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Mirror Mirror.  Of course, Gregory Maguire's best loved series is Wicked and the other three novels that follow its grand success. 

Recently I was introduced to Jim C. Hines and his series of retold fairy tales.  The first was The Stepsister Scheme introducing Danielle Whiteshore (aka Danielle de Glas or Cinderella) and her not so happily ever after life.  We meet a wonderful cast of characters and plunge into a chic-lit romp which includes Danielle's two stepsisters, their ultimate fate, her prince and his family, along with fairies, goblins, witches and Danielle's two new friends, Talia and Snow.  This really is what I call a light read, not fluffy but a good bit of fun. 

Book Two is The Mermaid's Madness, a retelling of the old story of the little mermaid who saved the life of a prince and fell in love. So deep was her love that she gave up all she knew to become human to be with her prince. This isn't your Disney version, nor is it the original story with a happy ever after ending.  This is murder, madness and magic gone wrong.  Our three princesses have to step up and kick ass, which they do in plenty of style.  Danielle and her friends Talia and Snow (White) are the ones who can tell you the real story of what happened to the little mermaid and her prince all while trying to set their world right again.  

I just finished Book Three, Red Hood's Revenge, the little Red Riding Hood story retold. Roudette is an assassin known world wide as the Lady of the Red Hood and we learn the "real" story of Little Red Riding Hood. This book explains the conflict between humans and fairies, and the woman who is at the heart of the conflict, Sleeping Beauty (aka Talia).  Our three friends from the two earlier books band together again to protect each other and fight to the death.  Another great book filled with strong powerful heroines who know how to kick butt. 

These books have been compared to..."as if the Brothers Grimm had been allowed to watch a 'Charlie's Angels' marathon." - Green Man Review.  However, I think it is more the Brothers Grimm with a touch of Kill Bill.

I was given a few days ago, as I was nearing the end of Red Hood's Revenge, the fourth book, The Snow Queen's to follow at a later date.  

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