Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hand Me Down World

Lloyd Jones has written another novel that captured my reading heart as much as Mister Pip did.  Lloyd Jones's characters are so utterly human that one expects them to walk out of the pages and into reality.

Hand Me Down World is about a woman, a mother looking for her child, and all the people she encounters on her journey.  These people in turn report their impressions of the woman they met and tell their stories to create the tale of this woman's search for her child.  It is only near the end that we hear the woman's story, or rather the story of both the woman in this novel.  Beautifully written, full of compassion, emotional depth and tender insight into how a mother would feel at losing her child and the great lengths she would go to to find that child.

I couldn't put this book down and I couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's Pretend this Never Happened

Jenny Lawson's almost true memoir is hilarious!  If you even think your life was disfuntional, you were a weird kid or thought your parents were strange you need to read Let's Pretend this Never Happened.  Even if you don't think any of those things and just need to rest assured your life was normal, you need to read this book.  Need a really good laugh and don't care if people stare at you on the bus, then read this book.  If you don't care about mascara running down your face, want to try to read to your partner while laughing so he/she can't understand a word you are saying or have a warped sense of humour, well then read this book.

I now visit Jenny Lawson's blog page The Bloggess -- I'm a fan!  Thank you Jenny Lawson for being the almost crazy cat lady and for having a crazy childhood which makes mine seem overly normal.

PS: Lila, you need to read this book.

Loving Frank

Loving Frank is about Frank Lloyd Wright's affair with Martha (Mamah) Borthwick the woman he left his wife Catherine for in the early 1900s.  Frank Lloyd Wrigth met Martha Borthwick when he designed the house for her and her husband Edwin Cheney. The two fell in love during the designing of the house and eventually moved to Europe. Martha leaving behind her two children and Frank Lloyd Wright leaving behind his six children, as well as their respective spouses.  The affair caused a huge scandal at the time with reprecussions for both families.

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of my favourite architects and I already knew he was considered arrogant. I also knew a bit about his affair from documentaries I've seen on his life.  So this novel was of interest to me as I wanted to know more about his relationship with Martha Borthwick.  This novel is a mix of fact and fiction providing a picture of what loving Frank Lloyd Wright must of been like, the famous architect of Oak Park - ego and all.  I can't say I liked or disliked this novel especially when I already knew the outcome.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If you are wondering why I haven't posted...

I'm reading the hardcover of

Weights too much.  Unless I wish to see my chiropractor more than once a month this book stays at home. Attempting to read a chapter or more a night....

And I finally finished!!  I also confess to reading some novels since that I was itching to get to.  Review of those are coming. 

Enjoyed this completely, much more than Feast of Crows in which nothing happened except a bunch of people went in various directions while I the reader had to try to keep track of them all. Luckily in A Dance with Dragons some people die and I was thinking "good I won't have to keep track of so many damned people."  Not so fast...George R.R. Martin may kill off a few but he's gone and replaced them and I think added a few more characters too. No worries, Tywin fans can rest assured the dwarf carries on, and the additional characters only add exciting twists and turns to the saga.  Can't wait for the next one.  In the meantime, awaiting Season Two of the TV adaptation on DVD.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

With a coupon and a deal on all three e-books of the Hunger Games my Kobo was set to embark on a reading  marathon.  In less than one month I finished all the books just before the movie was released in Victoria area theatres.  I'm finding young adult novels are well written and offer up some great characters, thought provoking plots and interesting science fiction.  Katniss Everdeen is not comparable to Bella of Twilight and if I had a daughter making a choice of reading material, I'd like her to choose the Hunger Games based on Katniss's ultimate decisions.  For Katniss her family bonds were close, she cared for her home village and she had some decisions to make about her life.  Those decisions were not presented in an easy manner and this is what made me like the book so much.  I even enjoyed all three books, although there have been comments about just cleaning up loose ends, I didn't find that distracting from the overall enjoyment of each book.  I'm also glad I had all three to read as one larger book and maybe that made the story flow better than those who read each book separately.

Enjoyed the movie too.  Was glad to see the book was followed with minor changes that didn't change the basis of the story.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Red Herring without Mustard

And so back to Bishop's Lacey I go to discover what  Flavia de Luce is up to in the third novel of this delightful series.  More murder, more mystery and Flavia cooking up mischief is held within the pages.  Surprisingly Flavia seems to be on the verge of growing up, afterall she can't be eleven forever, and there are a few passages where Flavia takes a more grown up route.  There is still the ghost of Harriet, her mother, haunting them all and the addition of discovering a bit more about her.  If you like a good mystery novel or Agatha Christie, then add Flavia de Luce to your book shelf.  You won't be disappointed.

I do have some questions about Flavia 1) the book does take place in September yet she doesn't seem to go to school 2) Will Harriet her mother return from Tibet?

With these burning questions I joined the Flavia de Luce fan club and drop in online to participate in the lively discussions with other fans.  Most of us do agree that there is more to the Harriet story than Alan Bradley is letting on, or is Mr. Bradley chuckling or possibly getting plot ideas?

Looking forward to I'm Half Sick of Shadows coming out in paperback.  I won't be adding this one to the KOBO as I want all of them, all six, on my shelf.  I probably will read them all again once the series is fully published. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I got a KOBO for Christmas!  I finished my first book, The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker. Tiffany Baker has not written a light read for her first novel, but rather a giant of a book.

I loved the opening line of this book "The day I laid Robert Morgan to rest was remarkable for two reasons. First, even though it was August, the sky overhead was as rough and cold as a January lake; and second, it was the day I started to shrink." 

And we learn who Robert Morgan is and his relationship to Truly Plaice the heroine of this novel.  I never like giving too much away in a book review, I'd rather people read the book and enjoy all the surprises as much as I did.  Truly Plaice has some major morale issues to deal with, but in days when herbal medicine was the only means available, humans lived with the seasons, understood life and death on a far more intimate scale than we do today.  The writing is beautiful in this novel and the characters are believable.

I certainly am putting this book on my favourites lists.  

Reading on the KOBO was a different experience.  I actually found stats one day and discovered I had turned 1900 pages! I made the font smaller.  I also won some awards, which can be turned off, one for watching during commuting time, one for reading when most people watch TV and a lunch time award too.  I liked having the book go to the page I was reading when I turned on the KOBO.  I could put the KOBO in sleep mode and quickly turn it on again.  Reading standing up was a lot easier too.  My chiropractor is happy because now I won't be carrying heavy books and I will sit up straighter too.