Saturday, July 16, 2011

A book in two parts

I was first introduced to Connie Willis with the gift of her book Passage, soon followed by Doomsday Book, Bellwether, Uncharted Territory, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Lincoln's Dreams, Impossible Things, Remake, Fire Watch and Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. Not surprising all have been enjoyable from this six Nebula Awards and ten Hugo award winning author.

The newest book is Blackout which I received for my birthday. The story is well researched.  From 2060 the reader is taken back into World War II during the Blitz in London, as well as side events such as the evacuation of London children to the countryside and the rescue of troops from Dunkirk. All the characters from 2060 are historians studying the second World World who can travel back in time to actually witness events. The question is, can a historian be a mere observer or is one able to change events? Connie Willis undertakes that question in Blackout, presenting what seem like little problems to the characters but might actually create chaos. 

I really like Connie Willis's writing, especially this book as I never felt I was reading science fiction but rather a interesting story about World War II and what people had to endure. From stories I've heard from family who lived during World War II I really felt this book conveyed the spirit of the British people.  This is storytelling at its best.  

Don't expect Blackout to be the end, there is more, All Clear is the sequel and continuing story.  I'm waiting to see the sequel under the Christmas tree.

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