Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Red Herring without Mustard

And so back to Bishop's Lacey I go to discover what  Flavia de Luce is up to in the third novel of this delightful series.  More murder, more mystery and Flavia cooking up mischief is held within the pages.  Surprisingly Flavia seems to be on the verge of growing up, afterall she can't be eleven forever, and there are a few passages where Flavia takes a more grown up route.  There is still the ghost of Harriet, her mother, haunting them all and the addition of discovering a bit more about her.  If you like a good mystery novel or Agatha Christie, then add Flavia de Luce to your book shelf.  You won't be disappointed.

I do have some questions about Flavia 1) the book does take place in September yet she doesn't seem to go to school 2) Will Harriet her mother return from Tibet?

With these burning questions I joined the Flavia de Luce fan club and drop in online to participate in the lively discussions with other fans.  Most of us do agree that there is more to the Harriet story than Alan Bradley is letting on, or is Mr. Bradley chuckling or possibly getting plot ideas?

Looking forward to I'm Half Sick of Shadows coming out in paperback.  I won't be adding this one to the KOBO as I want all of them, all six, on my shelf.  I probably will read them all again once the series is fully published. 

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