Saturday, January 28, 2012


I got a KOBO for Christmas!  I finished my first book, The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker. Tiffany Baker has not written a light read for her first novel, but rather a giant of a book.

I loved the opening line of this book "The day I laid Robert Morgan to rest was remarkable for two reasons. First, even though it was August, the sky overhead was as rough and cold as a January lake; and second, it was the day I started to shrink." 

And we learn who Robert Morgan is and his relationship to Truly Plaice the heroine of this novel.  I never like giving too much away in a book review, I'd rather people read the book and enjoy all the surprises as much as I did.  Truly Plaice has some major morale issues to deal with, but in days when herbal medicine was the only means available, humans lived with the seasons, understood life and death on a far more intimate scale than we do today.  The writing is beautiful in this novel and the characters are believable.

I certainly am putting this book on my favourites lists.  

Reading on the KOBO was a different experience.  I actually found stats one day and discovered I had turned 1900 pages! I made the font smaller.  I also won some awards, which can be turned off, one for watching during commuting time, one for reading when most people watch TV and a lunch time award too.  I liked having the book go to the page I was reading when I turned on the KOBO.  I could put the KOBO in sleep mode and quickly turn it on again.  Reading standing up was a lot easier too.  My chiropractor is happy because now I won't be carrying heavy books and I will sit up straighter too.

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