Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trilogy Of Light, Darkness and Shawdows

book review

Imagine a world where one group of people live during the hours of the evening and another group live during the day.  This is the world of the Darkborn and Lightborn who have been cursed for 800 years to live as such. The Darkborn cannot go into light or they will burn to ash.   The Lightborn cannot go into darkness or they will find their life force draining away.  Here begins the adventures of Balthasar, his wife Telmaine and their friends Ismael and Floria White Hand.  I found the characters to be most intriguing, these are the type of people you'd want to meet.  I found the relationship between Balthasar and Floria White Hand interesting and this progresses in the final book, Shadowborn.  While reading Darkborn one must remember this is a trilogy and more is to come in the other two books. Lightborn tells us more about the other side, reveals more about Floria White Hand and her life at court.  Shadowborn, the final book brings all the characters together and introduces the Shadowborn characters to us, why the curse has lasted so long and how the three groups will now live side by side.

I enjoyed the women in these books too.  Telmaine with her court manners and society rules, Floria White Hand, Telamaine's husband's first love and the Lightborn neighbour Balthasar grew up with and finally the two Shadowborn women at the heart of the curse that has lasted so long.  I even enjoyed the twins, Laurel and Lavendar, tough Border women who fight for their family home. Great characters in these books which makes reading this fantasy trilogy so much fun!

Now that all three have been released, I suggest one purchase all three and read them back to back to get the full story.

I will say, as I just recently read Shadowborn, I wish there was more.  I know writing a trilogy must be daunting, keeping all the characters in place and knowing what will come next.  Still I'm hoping that maybe there will be more, especially regarding the children and what happens to them.  Possibly Ms. Sinclair is keeping those plots for another trilogy.

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